Top 10 Gifts For Elvis Presley Fanatics

The King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley will always be remembered by fans all around the world. Some of his biggest fans are those who have opened their hearts to him and who have been with him through all his ups and downs. It’s hard to believe that the 70s was already gone, but it was. While we still mourn his loss and are constantly reminded of how much he meant to us and those around us, we keep all his records with him, treat him with respect, try to find out more about our favourite artists and musicians and share this love with others on a daily basis. By now it’s pretty clear to everyone that you must own every record or tape devoted solely to the man himself if you want to consider yourself an Elvis fan. But what gift could possibly be better than a nice piece of memorabilia? Whether it is a book or something else precious from the 60s, fans will be more than grateful for new presents from you after finding out your fandom for one artistically known as “the King”.

If you’ve ever been referred to as an Elvis Presley fan, you’ll know that this is a worthy compliment. There is simply no other entertainer who has inspired such devotion from his fans like Elvis Presley. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top 10 gifts for Elvis Presley fanatics.

Personalized Elvis Crocs King Of Rock And Roll Crocs

Elvis Presley fans, what better gift for the music enthusiast than a pair of personalized Elvis Crocs King Of Rock And Roll Crocs? The soft suede footwear features an authentic image of the king and is available in a variety of sizes. This unique pair of footwear can be customized to reflect a special tribute or show just how much you love Elvis Presley.

The King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley 3D T-Shirt

Elvis Presley is a rock and roll legend, known for his many hit songs as well as his movies and television appearances. He was also known for his distinctive style of dress and his love for the Nashville sound. His music was so popular that he became known as the King of Rock & Roll. If you know someone that is a fan or collector of Elvis music, you might want to consider giving them this t-shirt with incredible artwork.

Elvis Presley Tcb The King of Rock and Roll Baseball Cap

If you’re a fan of Elvis Presley, then he’s been your idol for years. But now that might very well be changing with the release of the new movie, ‘Elvis & Nixon’. According to IMDB, it’s said to be a fantastic biopic based on the relationship between Elvis and Richard Nixon. That also means that fans have been clamoring for more information about the story behind their pal’s newest film. And they won’t be disappointed with this Tcb The King of Rock and Roll Baseball Cap by Elvis Presley.

The King of Rock and Roll 87th Anniversary Elvis Presley Hawaiian Shirt

The King of Rock and Roll is celebrating his 87th Anniversary this year. How would you like to do that with an Elvis Presley Hawaiian Shirt? It’s a bit of a long shot but there are still plenty of great gifts for Elvis fanatics.

Elvis Presley Guitar Pattern Hollow Tank Top and Leggings Set

The best gifts are the ones that you will be able to use and enjoy, so think about those that you would like to receive. Be sure to consider your personality when you select any music related item. While there are many avenues in which you can choose from, guitar pattern hollow tank top and leggings set may be one of the more traditional methods of showing your enthusiasm for this musical legend.

Elvis Presley Leather Handbag


Elvis leather handbag

Blue Hawaii [DVD] [1961] by Elvis Presley

The Bicentennial Blue Hawaii DVD features the soundtrack, original movie poster and more. A new complete color restoration is combined with newly discovered footage and never-before-seen photographs from the estate of Elvis Presley’s father, Vernon Presley. Blue Hawaii includes six popular tracks including “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, “Good-Bye” and “Return to Sender”.

Elvis Presley Coffee Mugs

Buying gifts for your favorite Elvis Presley fan can be tough. You don’t want to give something that is just going to sit in a cardboard box somewhere without use. But, you also don’t want to give him something that he will never use, either. The gift of coffee mugs makes perfect sense for both of these options. Not only are they useful mugs, which you can use every single day of your life (seriously though), but they have a great history behind them as well.

Elvis Coffee Mug

The Criss Cross Tank Top is one of the most classic gifts for Elvis Presley Fans. The material used on these tank tops is a tri-blend design which uses 92% combed cotton and 8% polyester while the other 2% is made of spandex. This blend make the fabric sturdy yet soft, lightweight and easy to wash in the washer or dryer. It also has an elastic neck band which makes sure it returns to its original shape after you wash it.

Elvis Presley Blue Hawaiian Shirt

Elvis Presley Blue Hawaiian Shirt – The King of Rock and Roll has always been one of the most talented and unique performers in rock history, who has been at the top of the music industry for over 50 years. Among all that, nobody can forget the blue Hawaiian shirt he wore when he performed in 1957 at Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. Nobody knew it then, but today’s fashion trends have turned this sweatshirt into an exclusive piece of memorabilia people wish they can get their hands on.

Wrapping Up!

For any Elvis fan, the King of Rock n’ Roll deserves to be remembered year round. Whether it is around his birthday on January 8th, during a spontaneous moment listening to his music, or just every day in general. If you are looking for a gift for an Elvis fanatic, one thing you can’t go wrong with is a new product that celebrates the king of rock. Here’s a list of ten totally cool Elvis Presley products not listed on our website that any fan would be happy to add to their collection of memorabilia or proudly display in their homes.

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